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What You Need to Know About Architects

Architecture is all about construction.

Throughout history, architecture has given us many amazing buildings. They range from ancient structures such as the “Taj Mahal,” to the beautiful skyscrapers in many cosmopolitan cities.

Architecture is an indispensable profession, and will always be in demand.

Now, you might be aspiring for an architecture career. This is an excellent ambition, but the road to being a certified US architect is long and tedious.

Below, we’ll discuss exactly what you need to become an architect. Also, we’ll discuss the responsibilities of architecture, towards clients, and to society.

Legal Requirements of Architects

Of all career paths in the US, architecture requires a massive investment in training.  See

The process of getting a license may take anywhere from 7-11 years. This includes…

  • 5 years for a bachelor’s degree.
  • 3 years for a master’s degree (optional in some states).
  • 3 years of professional experience.
  • 1 year to finish all Architect Registration Examinations (ARE).

The “ARE” is the series of licensure exams adopted by all 50 states in the US. The exam structure is updated every few years.

For example, the current ARE is the 4.0, which involves 7 divisions of testing. This exam form will be stopped by 6/2018, being substituted by the ARE 5.0.

Wow. Why Is Architecture Such a Difficult Career Path?

This is where we discuss the responsibilities of architecture.

Designing a building is a complex activity. There are so many factors to consider. It requires meticulousness and foresight on the part of the architects.

Architects must have a strong understanding of space quality, and connections between spaces.

They must understand the impact of their designs on the environment. Also, they must be aware of how their designs affect installed utilities (electric systems, air conditioning, heating)…

Throughout a project, architects must constantly consult and adapt their designs for practicality. Especially financial practicality, related to material costs and bottom lines.

Then we get to safety. Lives may be risked in unsafe buildings. And such risk comes from faulty designs on an architects contact list

Depending on the building’s location, people beyond inhabitants may be harmed. For example, a building’s collapse in a busy city speaks disaster for an entire block.

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Beyond your online research, we recommend you talk to someone with long experience in the field.

From them, you’ll get to learn about the joys, difficulties, and responsibilities of such a career by using the architect email list!

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