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  • Select USA Lists from 40+ Business Categories.
  • Includes Email, Website & Postal Addresses.
  • 100% No Hard Bounce Guarantee.
  • Use the Business Email Addresses as required.
  • Add 2 Lists to the Cart and get a 15% discount.
  • Every Business Email Directory is in csv format

A USA Business Email Directory or Business Database will enable Marketers to get new Sales Leads via Email and Direct Mail as they include all essential information including email and street addresses as well as telephone numbers, helping you to make more sales and take your business to a new level. Our Business Email Lists are built for b2b email marketing enabling marketers to reap repeated returns from a single list purchase. Once you purchase your Directory or Database, you can use the business email addresses as often as you wish.

USA Business Email Directory – Business Email Databases 


Select a Ready Made USA Business Email Database from the following categories;-

Add Two or more Databases to the Shopping Cart and you will automatically get a 15% Discount


SAVE 50%

AUTO INDUSTRY LIST BUNDLE includes 3 complete Lists with a 50% Discount. (Auto Parts, Auto Servicing & Repair, Used Car Dealers)


BUILDING INDUSTRY LIST BUNDLE  includes 4 complete Lists with a 50% Discount. (Builders & Construction Co’s, Civil Engineers, Electricians, Plumbing Services)


FINANCIAL SERVICES LIST BUNDLE includes 3 complete Lists with a 50% Discount. (Accountancy Services, Financial Services, Insurance Services)·


HEALTH SERVICES LIST BUNDLE  includes 4 complete Lists with a 50% Discount. (Dentists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Pharmacies)·


HOSPITALITY LIST BUNDLE  includes 3 complete Lists with a 50% Discount. (Hotels, Pubs & Bars, Restaurants)


State Databases contain records in that State from all of our Databases above

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What is a Business Email Directory?

A Business Email Directory which is also known as a Business Email List or a B2B Email Address List is a database of businesses that includes details of their commercial activities with important contact information such as their Website and Email Addresses as well as their postal address and telephone numbers.When you purchase a USA Business Email List or Directory it will provide you with new sales leads to help sell your goods and services to your targeted market. 

Our USA Business Directory is used by professional sales and marketing teams across a very wide range of industry categories to help  reach new potential customers that are most likely to be interested in buying their goods and services

So, a Business Email Directory is great for any business looking for new sales leads within their industry sector. You can reach out to new buyers with an accurate and carefully-researched database using the business email addresses. Buy a USA Business Email List and start creating new business sales leads.

All our Lists are provided in Comma Separated Value format (CSV)  for easy upload to your l delivery system.

We use the world wide web to manually research the records in our database.

Using search engines such as Google, standard mailing lists, and other relevant sources of information our dedicated research team searches on the world wide web to find relevant listings. Then they visit that business’s website to verify details such as business category and activities and other important data such as business email addresses, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers. Then every four months to ensure the resulting data is kept up to date we send verification messages to all the email addresses in each USA Business Email List and we delete the addresses that bounce. Also, most of our lists include full postal addresses and telephone nunbers. And finally, please note that we also offer UK Business Lists at

Read more about the benefits of Email Marketing 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Business Email Directory

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    Why are your Business Email Databases so inexpensive?
    Our management team has been researching Business Lists since the 1990’s and we understand how to offer a great product at a very reasonable price. But another way to answer this question; why are many other very similar Business Lists sold at very much higher prices by alternative vendors who claim to offer up-to-date data but who only offer a 95% guarantee against Hard Bounces, and even then only offer to replace the Hard Bounces with new records, rather than provide a 100% guarantee and a proportionate cash refund for Hard Bounces as we do? So just because a List might be very much more expensive it does not follow that it will be more accurate or up to date.
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    Can I select a Business Email Directory by Industry category?
    Yes, and in fact, we offer over 45 different US Business Email Directories including Accountants, Architects, Beauty and Hair Salons, Building Contractors, Construction Firms, Interior Designers, Jewelry Retailers, Liquor Stores, Pet Shops, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Travel Agencies and many more.
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    How do I order a Business Email List or Directory?
    Go to the exact web page of interest from the List Index above then click on the “Add to Cart” link which is usually at the top of page. This link will take you to the Shopping Cart which contains delivery and payment details. Next, simply "Check Out" from the Cart and you will be taken to Paypal in order to  complete the transcation and to make payment.
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    How is my Business Email Directory or List sent to me after purchase?
    Within a few hours of purchase, Hightail, who are our file delivery service will send you a download Link to your List.  Then shortly after that we will send you a copy download link from our own email address.
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    Can you send us a Sample Records from any Directory of Email Addresses?
    We do not send out free samples but you can view example records in the Screenshot Videos that appear on each List webpage.
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    Do you offer Discounts on any Business Email Database ?
    Yes, if you Add two or more Directories or Email Lists to the Shopping Cart a 15% Discount will be applied automatically. A 20% discount is available for larger purchases – just send us details of the Lists you wish to purchase. We will then send a invoice which can be paid by Credit Card or a Paypal account.
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    If we wish to buy a Business Email Database, what Payment method do you offer?
    We offer payment via Paypal where you can pay securely with most major credit cards or via a Paypal account. A Paypal account is NOT required if you wish to pay by credit card. See more details in our Shopping Cart.
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    How many times can I use my Business Email Directory?
    You can use the Directory as many times as you like but as per our Terms, the List cannot be passed to third parties -  only used by the buyer and his co-workers at the same business.
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    Can you guarantee that all the Business Email Addresses listed are deliverable?
    Subject to our Terms, Yes. We provide a proportionate refund for any email address that hard bounces. Please see the Terms page for full details including an explanation about Hard and Soft Bounces.
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    How up-to-date are the records in your B2B Email Lists?
    The last update date is mentioned in Red Type on each individual webpage that provides details about each List, usually just under the information on the number of records.
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    Do your Business Email Lists contain Contact Names or Job Titles?
    We do not include job titles or contact names although many of the addresses listed contain a named contact, example: . Please understand you will find it impossible to obtain genuinely up-to-date Lists at our price point that contain Contact Names.
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    How are your b2b email addresses researched and kept up to date? What is the source of this data?
    All data is researched on the Web and then submitted to Zerobounce the best email validation service we have found,  in order to remove Invalid Emal Addresses as well as addresses of known complainers and those that regularly  opt-out.  We also send email messages to those listed on a regularly basis and remove any Hard Bounces. See the  Research Methods Page in the top navigation bar for more details
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    Do I get regular updates to the Business Email Database when available?
    Lists are sold on a one-off basis only.  Updated lists are available to previous customers at discount rates .
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    Can information in your Business Directory be filtered by specific products or services offered?
    Unless mentioned otherwise that is generally not possible.
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    Can we select b2b email addresses by Town, County, Region or State from any of your email lists for sale ?
    Unless stated otherwise on our web pages we only usually offer Nationwide Lists. However, contact us for more details
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    What types of addresses are included in each Business Email Database?
    Email addresses in our Business Marketing Lists include both generic (usually around 40% of the total) and non-generic addresses.
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    What about duplicate Business Email Addresses?
    It is possible there are duplicate website addresses or business names in each list as we often supply more than one unique email address at each website address but there are NO DUPLICATE EMAIL ADDRESSES in any of our Business Lists.
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    What format is the USA business email database provided in?
    All Lists are provided in CSV Format so will open in MS Excel.
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    I am using a Mac and the format of the Business Directory seems to be incorrect
    If you are using a Mac without MS Office installed, you can open the .csv file by downloading the Numbers application from the Mac App Store (if you haven’t already). It’s a free download for all MacOS users. You may also try opening the .csv file in Open Office or Neo Office    


How to Find Business Email Addresses

A business directory is one of the easiest ways togenerate sales leads. There are many ways to make your sales calls and marketing campaigns more efficient with a business directory. Among other things, our USA Business Email Directory makes it possible for a salesperson to identify new sales leads and convert them into customers

So, lets look at ways to access a USA Business Directory and identify further steps to use it for sales and marketing.

Why every salesperson needs business directories?

Every salesperson needs to access a USA Business Email Directory frequently. There are several ways of using one, but here are some ideas to make the most of it:

  • Scan for businesses that align with the product or service you are selling
  • Use your network to identify businesses that have larger purchasing budgets
  • Expand your network using a business directory to gain access to more leads
  • Make connections with businesses that are in niches related to your business
  • Reach out to more people to learn about their latest buying plans

These are not the only ways you can use B2B Email Addresses. The possibilities are endless when you know how to optimize a business directory to your advantage. It’s essentially an index of valuable information. How you choose to use a business directory also depends on your sales goals.

How to make sales calls more effective with business directories

When you have access to a business email directory, making your sales calls more effective is easier. That’s because you already have some information about the person you are talking to. That helps you tailor questions according to what the listener wants to listen to.

Researching before making a sales call is crucial. You should prepare not only for positive responses but also for negative responses. One unsuccessful sales call does not mean that the lead is lost forever. If you take notes from the unsuccessful sales calls, you can use those to your advantage in following calls.

Cold sales calls are never easy. The more prepared you are, the better your sales calls would turn out to be. While there are so many things you need to do to prepare, having Businessmen Email Addresses is a huge advantage.

Buy a business directory now and continue using it as many times as you want.



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Using a Business Email Database to generate Sales Leads

Selling is never easy. Because convincing people to part with even the slightest money can cost you your night’s sleep if you fail to give them what they want. But how would you know who to sell what? You would quickly know this if you can identify your business sales leads. Let us quickly shift attention to how you can leverage business sales leads to generate more revenue for your business.

Who are the business sales leads?

In simple words, business sales leads are potential customers or other businesses that may become your client.

How to identify your potential buyers?

The prerequisites for identifying an entity as a potential buyer, are data-driven information. So the importance of data in modern-day marketing is paramount. While there are different ways of procuring this data, some of the most powerful ones include business email lists and databases.

How a business email directory can help

Business email lists enable you to get new business sales leads through email and direct email. These business lists include all the essential information like email addresses, phone numbers, as well as street addresses of potential customers.

In other words, business email lists are well researched, thoroughly comprehensive, and diligently integrated databases that allow you to choose the latest businesses based on the categories available. As these databases are frequently updated with the latest information, you can use them to reach out to more new business sales leads, expand your customer base, and eventually boost your sales.

USA Business Email Addresses to Buy – How to get your hands on the business email lists and directories?

You can purchase these business email lists right here from APC Lists. We offer accurate data at the cheapest prices, limitless use, frequent removal of hard bounces, fast delivery through a download link, verified postal addresses, and so on. Furthermore, it is an added advantage as we give advice on how to send email successfully, and provides answers to any questions that you may have.


So gone are the days when a random hunt for customers was the norm. Now, with web-researched email lists, gaining access to business sales leads is easier than ever. These curated lists can bring down your marketing research costs. In return, you can devote your time to discussing the benefits of your products or services with potential customers. Hence, this well-directed effort is bound to make the selling process smooth and seamless for you, so buy a USA Business Email Database.