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Here is what is included in the Directory of Employment and Recruitment Agencies:

Total Number of Records: 20,528
Number of Employment/Recruitment Agencies:  9,203
Number of  Website Addresses: 8,845*
Number of Email Address Contacts: 20,528* (there is an average of  approximately two email address contacts at each agency)
Note:  All records include both a Website and Email Address. 90%+ of all records include a CASS Verified postal address and a telephone number usually at the agency’s head office address.

* Unique records

You can be sure that the Directory will open the door to 1,000’s of new contacts in the employment agency sector. Quite simply, no other email or direct marketing list of Employment and Recruitment Agencies comes anywhere close to providing this number of accurate and up to date email address contacts, and at such a low cost.

And if you don’t just want to take our word for it, here’s what Colin Morris at Email Marketing Tips had to say:-


  * APC Services Ltd are the publishers of the Directory of Employment and Recruitment Agencies

All email addresses were last checked during November 2021. See the Research Methods page for more details.

View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what type of information is supplied:-

Full email addresses are made available to buyers but are not shown in this publicly viewable Video. All Information Fields from the List are shown in the Video. No other categories of information such as fax numbers or contact names are supplied. Not all records in the List include postal addresses or telephone #’s – see above the Video for counts. While all our Lists are regularly updated this Video is only updated periodically and may contain some out of date information.


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Email Address Records in each State


Due to constant updating, these figures may vary by up to plus or minus 5%


AK 39
AL 166
AR 152
AZ 404
CA 4274
CO 385
CT 412
DC 154
DE 43
FL 1394
GA 755
HI 61
IA 164
ID 50
IL 1079
IN 342
KS 236
KY 190
LA 216
MA 784
MD 469
ME 77
MI 601
MN 451
MO 359
MS 78
MT 47
NC 582
ND 28
NE 123
NH 150
NJ 676
NM 46
NV 86
NY 1479
OH 786
OK 214
OR 257
PA 832
RI 88
SC 249
SD 31
TN 292
TX 1666
UT 157
VA 514
VT 26
WA 449
WI 460
WV 42
WY 16





Email List of Employment and Recruitment Agencies – How it Can Benefit You.Out of work, or looking to get a new job?

If yes, try an employment and recruitment agencies email list . They’re fast, they’re efficient, and they’ll get you an income source in no-time!

In fact, there are so many benefits to using such agencies. We’ll mention those benefits below, hopefully motivating you into contacting one!

How an Email Address Database of Employment Agencies Can Help You.

To start, most employment and recruitment agencies help potential employees for free.

That’s right. If you’re looking for a job, you pay no fee. Just register yourself, your resume, and your needs. Then wait for that phone call…

It’s actually the employers who pay the agencies for finding employees. So you pay nothing on your side, and you get a job for free!

Another benefit is knowledge of the labor market. A directory  employment agencies with email addresses can evaluate how far your resume can take you…

They can match your resume with opportunities suitable for you level of expertise. And they’ll help you judge the competitiveness of your niche.

A 3rd benefit includes contract types. You see, recruitment agencies aren’t just mediators between employers and employers. They’re also informants, giving you info on contracts and salary offers…

Through such agencies, you can find jobs with permanent or temporary contracts. Or, you can find salary range that suits your needs.

A 4th benefit is that you gain access to a wide network of employers. Directories and Email Lists of Employment agencies have a larger outreach than most people can imagine.

They have the capacity to hook you up with a job within days – even if that job does not fit your strict criteria.

But I’ve Never Interacted with Such  Email Mailing Lists of Agencies before…

No worries. With the internet around, finding an agency is an easy task.

In your Google search bar, type in “ Email Databases of Directories of Employment and Recruitment Agencies in the USA.” Here, X will be your state and city.

Try to localize your search as much as possible. Local agencies work best, as they’re more likely to find you a job closer to home.

And they also have good knowledge of the local economy you’re in.

Finally, keep your phone and email active. You’ll want to respond to those recruitment agency email lists as soon as you can!
email list of Recruitment Agencies

An Intro to the Essential Tools of Online Sales and Marketing

The objective of Email Mailing Address Lists is very obvious; they allow your business to touch base to certain clients, thus creating brand interest. Utilizing this technique will open you up to a totally new form of advertising, where you have the authorization to contact your clients to promote your new offers, or to contact all of them with a few satisfying and engaging content marketing which will make new interest in your brand. It allows you possibilities in brand affiliation and business-to-business collaborations that you could take directly to the client!

By simply submitting your details to a marketing directory and database you could save you cash in the earlier times of a business getting started or acquiring much more people to view your website. With plenty of rivalry in the modern world it could be difficult to be seen if numerous others are offering the same service. Whenever funds is an issue or you would like to get maximum visibility fast, it’s a terrific way to reach out to potential customers who’d otherwise have no information about your existence.

Exactly what are Email Mailing Address Lists? They’re made up by companies and utilized to promote services or products in a form of advertising which is usually free of charge, and that provide a means for firms to know their clients’ needs and wants. Through extending interest in clients via Email, a company can flourish in terms of customer trust. There are many tips offered to help with making the most from your lists – for example addressing the client by name or even suggesting products of certain interests to them.

Just how much does it cost to purchase Email Mailing Address Lists of your own? Answers differ depending upon whether you would like to pay for Business addresses or Consumer addresses, having customer addresses often pricing more. The price remains to be not high, and is commonly given as a bulk cost per thousand records (or impressions), however one-by-one a single consumer address will be worth between 20 and 35 pence. So a thousand records might value anything between $180 to $350.

Email Mailing Address Lists are normally collated using particular computer software that is called a List or Mailing Server. Firms will depend upon this kind of software to make membership requests of guests to their website, to give automated responses as well as to monitor the related statistics that will eventually assist them to streamline their particular Email marketing procedure. It’s a similar program that allows you to send newsletters in large quantities or to sort your clients by demographics like interests, age, and place.

Recruitment and Employment Agencies

Hiring an applicant takes a big amount of time to process the task.  For most companies, it’s a big waste of time prior to hiring an additional employee. Typically, the employer should review plenty of job applications before spotting the right talent. That takes a lot of time and effort, certainly. But recruitment and employment agencies are here to fill that particular need.

These agencies can do the most difficult job of hiring qualified applicants for you. Employers alone cannot easily do this, and worse, they only have limited time to work on recruitment. They might also hire an inappropriate or underqualified employee. However, recruitment and employment agencies can spend much time searching and interviewing competent applicants.

How do recruitment and employment agencies work? These agencies acquire lists of vacant job positions from different employers.  Then they create advertisements online and occasionally in other places as well. Often, they are on the lookout for the current CV’s being submitted to the job boards over the internet.

Normally, agencies will submit the CV to the employers with a revised version.  They will put it into their exclusive template, removing contacts and personal information so employers cannot directly reach them. This is how employment agencies work and get paid.


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