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The #1 Email List of Golf Clubs and Courses and Golf Courses Directory in the US

Looking for a comprehensive email list of golf clubs and courses? For every business owner who makes products and services related to golf, connecting to the right customers with a smart email marketing strategy is the top priority.

APC’s extensive list of golf courses and golf clubs email addresses help businesses such as yours:

  • generate leads
  • boost your client base
  • promote brand awareness
  • sell products
  • engage and inform customers

The most trusted directory of golf clubs in the US

APC’s database of golf courses is all you need to create a winning marketing strategy for your golf products and services business. As the most comprehensive source of updated, accurate and expansive database of contacts in American golfing circles, our golf courses directory is highly rated by our loyal customers.

Our updated and thoroughly researched database of golf courses contains records of thousands of golf courses and clubs across the USA. These records house priceless information that you can leverage for your business growth, including:

  • Golf club or course name
  • their website addresses
  • telephone number
  • email contact addresses.

While we have over 14,000 unique golf club email addresses listed in our golf courses directory, and the database is regularly updated with new, relevant and verified contact information.

Accurate and well-researched email list of golf clubs and courses

To get the maximum returns out of your email marketing investment, you will need an accurate list of email addresses of your target customers in the right location.  This is why choosing the right vendor who can supply you with the most reliable email list of golf clubs and courses is vital.

As the premier provider of an exhaustive database of golf courses and email list of golf clubs and courses in the US, APC is committed to ensuring your email marketing strategy succeeds.

Our dedicated research team leverage multiple techniques including search engine, business data and conventional mailing lists. The next step is to verify the email address, business activities and other relevant data by visiting the website of each golf course/golf club business. We then compile an accurate database of golf courses and email list of golf clubs and courses that you can rely on.

To further optimize the accuracy of our golf courses directory and email list of golf clubs and courses, our research team reviews the information every few months while sending a verification email to all the emails in our database. We delete any addresses that bounce and update the golf courses directory and email list of golf clubs and courses.

The meticulous process of research and updating we follow ensures you always have an accurate, reliable and updated database of golf courses and email lists.

Our expansive golf courses directory and reliable email list of golf clubs and courses empower you to craft a smart email marketing strategy.

Find the right email lists in individual states

As a business owner, you are aware of the importance of a localized marketing strategy. Localization marketing is all about running your marketing campaigns in a particular location where you sell your products or services or where your target audience is situated.

Our email list of golf clubs and courses are arranged according to individual states. Whether you are looking to run a localized email marketing campaign or direct mail campaign in Alabama, California or any other state, you can find just the right email lists and contact information in our database of golf courses.

Our comprehensive email lists come with a 100% guarantee of deliverability. With easily downloadable files in CSV format, realizing your business growth objectives of lead generation, brand promotion, cross-selling or customer engagement is quick, easy and hassle-free.

Hundreds of business owners have achieved their marketing goals with our high-quality golf courses directory. Order your copy today to get ahead in your marketing journey.





What Makes a Good Email List Golf Courses and Clubs?

Golf is stereotyped as a game for rich folk only. This is an incorrect stereotype that you should get out of your head…

You can get a Golf Clubs and Courses Email Address List  if you’re on a budget! Just save up for some equipment, find interested golfing mates, and head out for a fun time!

But there’s an important factor you must take into consideration. When golfing, you’ve got to pick good golf courses and clubs…

A bad Email Mailing List of Golf Clubs and Courses will ruin your game experience.

So below, we’ll mention a few factors to consider when picking a golf course. Use that as a checklist to find a good course you can drive too!

The Defining Factors of an Efficient Email Directory or List of Golf Course and Club.

To start, look at the affordability of the course.

Not all databases of courses are going to be close to your home. You may have to drive for hours to get to the nearest “best” golf course.

Then factor in travel costs, in addition to accommodation, and costs of playing a few rounds. Compare prices of other Email Marketing Lists of Golf clubs and courses.

Next, you should look for online ratings and reviews.

Don’t just look for any review. Find constructive criticism that describes the playing experience at said golf course.

This’ll give you an accurate idea on the benefits and hiccups to expect at that location.

And when checking reviews, check for good Email Marketing systems for Lists of Golf clubs and courses.

The course you play should be well-maintained. Paths should be manicured right, and the putting conditions should be optimal.

Next, you should look at the course’s length. Now, do note that this more for experienced players, who may desire longer playing hours.

Email Lists of Golf clubs and courses range from $ 245.00.

.A more experienced player will desire an 18-hole course. This is because many 9-hole courses don’t allow you the use of golf carts.

Finally, for serious players, look for a challenge. Look for a golf course that tests your skills with different hole placements and terrains.

I’d Like to Learn More About Picking the Right List

You can always do extra online research on buying  Email Address Lists of golf courses and clubs.

We recommend checking the forums of golfers in your country. Ask about good courses close to your location that you can try out.

You’ll surely get excellent advice from golfers who have been where you want to be!

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By publishing your details in email marketing directory and database of Golf Clubs you can save cash in the early times of a business being started or obtaining more people to view your website. With lots of rivalry in the modern world it can be difficult to be seen when numerous others are providing the same service. Whenever funds is in short supply or you want to get maximum visibility quickly, it’s a great way to get in touch with prospective customers who would otherwise don’t have any information about your existence

Exactly what are Email Mailing Address Lists of Golf Courses and Clubs? They are made up by companies and utilized to advertise services or products in a method of advertising that is often free of charge, and that offer a method for companies to get to know their clients’ needs and wants. By giving out interest in customers through Email, a company could flourish in terms of customer trust. There are numerous tips available to help with making the most of your gold club lists – such as approaching the customer by name or recommending items of specific interest to them.


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Are you aware that the most popular search engines including Google utilize a online Golf Clubs and Courses marketing directory and database services to deliver results into their users? The search engine makes use of crawlers that go through the lists to provide searchers with exactly what they’re looking for. As the lists already are categorized it could increase the position of your site. By simply listing your golf site to our email list you could get incoming links which also improve the rank of your site on search engines that can lead to better visibility.