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Information About the Email Mailing List of Accountants and CPAs in Texas

The growing number of businesses shifting to Texas has led to the urgent need for more CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and accountants. In view of this, the Texas government has brought in an amendment to its Public Accountancy Act recently in 2023, where the education requirements have been lowered for CPA licensing. Instead of completing 150 credit hours, the students are now required to complete 120 credit hours.

The benefits of bringing such an amendment are many. First, such an act will encourage students to become CPAs. And second, if more students become CPAs, it will become easier to meet the demands of the Texas-based organizations.

When it comes to the number of CPAs and accountants in Texas, the state has 114,410. This is followed by New York – 112,030, Florida – 71,520, and Illinois – 51,740. At APC we only include data where we have email addresses of Accountants and CPAs in Texas.

The salaries of accountants and CPAs are decent in Texas when compared to the rest of the states. For a CPA, the average annual salary is 89,115 dollars. This figure can increase up to 138,978 dollars.

On the other hand, accountants earn an average annual salary of 61,354 dollars, and this can reach up to 87,799 dollars. So this is a valuable group of businesses that you can contact viathe Mailing List of f Accountants and CPAs in Texas.

Overall, Texas is witnessing a major shift of businesses from other parts of the country to its state. As a result of this, an amendment has been introduced that will help increase the workforce to meet the demands. Ultimately, the state plans to improve the current statistics to better align with the increasing demands.