Target USA Plumbers with the most accurate data available.

View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what type of information is supplied:-

Full email addresses are made available to buyers but are not shown in this publicly viewable Video. All Information Fields from the List are shown in the Video. No other categories of information such as fax numbers or contact names are supplied. Not all records in the List include postal addresses or telephone #’s – see below for counts. While all our Lists are regularly updated this Video is only updated periodically and may contain some out of date information.


Our List of USA Plumbers is your most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for finding new sales prospects in the USA.  The List includes details such as the businesses website, email address contacts, street address and telephone numbers – vital business intelligence to help you reach your target market audience and achieve better returns on your marketing investment.


Investing in accurate and up to date marketing data which includes both email and street addresses as well as phone numbers is good for your business and will enable you to establish which marketing approach works best as well as to build relationships with new customers, to test the appeal of your product or service, and of course to increases sales and improve your bottom line.


Our List of USA Plumbers is the best in the industry and here are just a few reasons why:

~ Unlimited Usage – use the list as many times as you want.

~ Your Email and Direct Mail promotions are guaranteed to be deliverable. See Terms.

~ CASS** verified postal addresses.

~ Regularly updated Email addresses.

~ Easy to Use – the list is supplied is CSV format and will open in Excel.

~ Fast Delivery via a download link within a few hours of payment.

~ Low Price – Over 15,000 Email Address Contacts for just $199.00.


This is what is included in the List of USA Plumbers:-

~ 8,581 Unique Businesses – ALL with at least one email addresses

~  15,775 Unique Email Addresses

~  8,596 Unique Website Addresses

~  70% of records with CASS** Verified Street Addresses

~  30% of records with partial address – all records include State and Email Addresses.

~  98% of records with Telephone Numbers

Note: Due to constant updating all the above figures are supplied on the basis of being plus or minus 1%

**  See top navigation bar to read more about CASS verification


FREE BONUS LIST:-   If you purchase The List of USA Plumbing Services you will ALSO receive a free bonus .csv file containing the records of over 4,900 other Plumbing Services in the USA where we do not have Email Address Contact details. ALL these extra and free records include Website Address, Business Name, a CASS verified postal address and a telephone number but to repeat, unlike the records in the paid for List, the records in this free bonus list do NOT include email addresses although in many cases you can still email those listed via their website Contact page.



The List of Plumbers  was last updated duringNovember 2021


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* csv files will open seamlessly in Excel and most other spreadsheet and database programs.


Email Address Records in Each State
Due to constant updating these figures may vary by up to plus or minus 5%.
AK 30
AL 145
AR 100
AZ 320
CA 1950
CO 401
CT 99
DC 24
DE 42
FL 912
GA 290
HI 38
IA 218
ID 73
IL 718
IN 375
KS 164
KY 166
LA 142
MA 323
MD 330
ME 16
MI 478
MN 449
MO 256
MS 60
MT 71
NC 413
ND 48
NE 114
NH 52
NJ 312
NM 82
NV 125
NY 1188
OH 526
OK 137
OR 267
PA 635
RI 17
SC 171
SD 52
TN 240
TX 1030
UT 130
VA 403
VT 19
WA 391
WI 485
WV 29
WY 19


The Benefits of Having Email Mailing List of Plumbers     


Plumbers play a big role in our lives. They are specialists in the installation and repair of pipes that carry water, wastewater and sewage in residential or commercial buildings. They may also install gas appliances and pipework. Email Mailing List of Plumbers is a list containing important information on top decision-makers in the plumbing industry. They are active in new construction, modernization and refurbishment/replacement services.  The list includes plumber’s company names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, faxes, websites, etc.


Can you imagine having to browse online to search for plumbers in your area if you need to contact them for any reason? It is a task that would take considerable time to accomplish. Fortunately, there are companies that provide effective database lists. With this list, you will be able to save lots of time and money and concentrate on other important aspects of your marketing efforts.  With a mere click, you will be able to send emails to numerous prospective clients and promote your services.


There are many ways in which a list of plumbers could be useful to you. Email Mailing List of Plumbers is extremely valuable if you are moving to another area because it will make the search for plumbers in the new area easy. Using this list, you can create a list of possible candidates for the task, and then focus your research on experts who you feel are capable of handling the job you have in mind. In addition, it can also be a useful tool for businesses that need the contacts of plumbers in the area to help them market their own products.


Email Mailing List of Plumbers can make things much easier for a sales rep of a company that offers services to plumbers. It is a useful, valuable and effective tool for email campaigns. For instance, if you run a company that sells materials to plumbers, this list can be extremely helpful. Companies that offer marketing and advertising services can also benefit from this wealth of information as there are several ways in which this information can work for them.


Accurate and current data is necessary if a list is to be effective. This is why it is necessary to deal with a reliable data bank. A wrong email address can mean a spam alert which will cause potential problems later. The relevancy of a message or promotion is jeopardized by delayed mail.   Email marketing has helped clients to create and grow customer relationships worldwide.



email list plumbersmailing list plumbersaddresses plumbersplumbers


The Advantages of Having a Database of Plumbers Email Addresses

For small to medium-sized plumbing hardware suppliers, a television advertisement may not be the most practical way to reach an audience at the moment. But do not be disheartened for there is a viable alternative—email marketing. In fact, sending an email can be more effective than paying for a 15-sec airtime. Why? This is because emails reach specific persons and not just random viewers. Additionally, an email can make the reader feel more valuable because you really took time to reach his or her personal inbox.

With each email you send, you are making improving the receiver’s awareness about your brand. If he/she sees your company name constantly, he/she will not easily forget about it. And when the time comes that plumbing hardware is needed, it will be your company name that’s going to pop in his/her head. Just make sure to put some personality in your emails. Try not to be technical and make him/her feel that you’re just an old friend who wants to share some information. This way you’d be able to build their trust, which can be converted into sales.

As a supplier of plumbing needs, you main target must be the plumbers. Plumbing problems like leaky toilets, broken pipes and clogged drains are always around, which means plumbers will need certain tools and equipment every now and then. Make sure that they’ll get them from you by sending emails. But first, you need a database of plumbers email addresses. As soon as the database is on your hands, you can start establishing rapport with numerous plumbers. You may couple these with metrics that can definitely help in monitoring the performance of the campaign and the behavior of your customers. The info that you could extract from these metrics can be used to formulate a more successful campaign.