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Since its inception, New York, the state’s largest city, has served as the center for architectural development and innovation. The city is a cutting-edge architectural playground. The striking architecture of New York motivates designers to consistently push the limits of the field.

If you are the owner of a business supplying goods and services to architects or architectural firms in New York, we have something for you. APC is here with the latest list of architects in New York with email addresses to help you identify potential clients and boost sales.

Why do you need our list of architects?

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Some Prominent Architects in New York

Of the numerous leads on our list, here are some famous architects in New York you can connect with.

Adjaye Associates

This company is well known for its diverse use of materials and colors as well as its ability to provide a rich urban experience.

Alexander Gorlin Architects

Alexander Gorlin Architects specialize in a contemporary and simple style of architecture that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Allied Works

This organization has a culture of unending curiosity and a remarkable dedication to producing stunning, inspiring, and significant work.


To produce smart buildings and better urban living environments, Archi-Tectonics’ unique multimodal approach integrates cutting-edge digital design concepts, thorough research, and modern production methods.

Beyer Blinder Belle

Their practice is fundamentally based on planning, rehabilitation, and the development of improved structures.

About APC

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