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Jewelers Directory

Jewelers Directory with Email Addresses.  The USA  is home to some of the best jewelry stores in the world. From budget-friendly retailers to luxurious stores, you will find jewelry stores of almost every kind in the Golden State. However, whether you are a customer or a business owner who networks with customers, finding the right jewelry store in California is important.

If you are looking for a reliable and well-researched Jewelers directory with email addresses, then you have reached the right place! So for examole,  we are going to tell you about some excellent jewelry stores in California that will fit all your needs!

1. Irelia Fine Jewelry

Irelia Fine Jewelry offers stunning custom-made jewelry all across the United States. The store provides GIA-certified engagement rings, natural diamonds, as well as repair services. If you are looking to partner with an outstanding jewelry store that specializes in rings and wedding bands, Irelia Fine Jewelry can be a great choice.

2. Land of Jewelry

Land of Jewelry is a Los Angeles-based jewelry store that deals in gorgeous and sparkling diamond and gemstone pieces. The store deals in custom-made pieces of jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and a lot more!

3. The Mine Jewelry

The Mine Jewelry is another popular jewelry store in the sunny state of California. The store offers beautiful pieces made from solid 18k gold and precious gemstones like emerald, blue topaz, and more.

4. Oakland Coin & Jewelry Exchange

Oakland Coin & Jewelry Exchange not only sells jewelry but also buys jewelry and coins. From sterling silver to platinum, the store offers all kinds of gorgeous pieces. The store also buys items like watches, silverware, broken jewelry, and precious stones from their customers.

5. Sonora Jewelry Design

Sonora Jewelry is a renowned family-owned business that has been in the industry for around forty years. The store deals in custom-made pieces and jewelry repair services. It leverages 3D design and models to turn its customers’ vision into reality.

Summing up

These were some of the many jewelry stores present in California. Precisely, there are over 12,000 jewelry retailers in the state! Yes, you read it correctly. And we, at APC, provide you with the verified email addresses of all of them, and more.

Our extensive Jewelers directory with email addresses contains up-to-date information. it will ensure that you reach your marketing goals and make a good return on your investments. Our email lists are affordable and come with a 100% guarantee of no hard bounces!

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