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marketing list of Fitness Centers
marketing list of Fitness Centers

Email List of Florida Hotels


Florida is a coastal state with beautiful beaches – a perfect tourist destination. As a tourist destination, Florida is visited by tourists from all over the country and the world to enjoy its beaches.

In terms of numbers, it was estimated that around 135 million visitors visited the state in 2023. This means the state saw a high occupancy rate in its hotels and going by reports, the hotels saw a 69% occupancy rate.

As of this year,  our email list of hotels and motels in Florida included over 10,000 Hotel email addresses  spread across thousands of  properties in Florida. Hotels in Florida are planning to expand in the coming years and one such example of the expansion is the expansion of the Epicurean hotel in Tampa, Florida. The hotel in Tampa has invested about $21 million to expand and aims to add 50 new rooms to the already existing rooms.

When it comes to the pricing, the prices depend on the type of hotel. Hotels are categorized as budget, mid-range, and very expensive. The cheapest hotels range from 76 dollars to 148 dollars based on the location and tourist season. You can tap into this valuable market with our Email List of Hotels

The mid-range hotels, on the other hand, range from $165 and $349 per night. And finally, the very expensive hotel rates range from $372 to $616 per night.

Now the question is, “Are these prices worth it?” When we take the average cost of every category, be it budget or mid-range hotels, the prices are not expensive when compared to the other parts of the country. You will find a huge number of businesses in our Mailing List of Hotels in Florida

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