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Information About the Email List of Building Contractors and Construction Firms in California


California, known for its Silicon Valley and Hollywood, is considered the top state for construction in the country, with the biggest market value and the number of projects. According to ConstructionDive, most of the construction projects, approximately 60% of the projects are being concentrated in 10 states. Out of 11,200 projects in the US, 60% of these are taking place in 10 states.

California has the largest share of the pie. Out of 11,200 projects, California has 1,302 projects with a value worth of 524 billion dollars. The state also has the most mega projects in the country worth 139 billion dollars.

As it has the biggest share of the pie, the number of building contractors and construction firms in California should be significant. According to IBIS World, the state has the highest number of construction businesses in the country. When we go by numbers, 80,657 construction firms are operating in the state. This is followed by Florida with 60,046 and New York with 49,602.

Some of the top construction firms operating in California include Swinerton and Webcor. The Swinerton is a San Francisco-based construction company that has been operating in this region for more than 130 years. It works in the areas like affordable housing, civic, infrastructure, corporate, and hospitality.

Webcor is another popular construction company based in San Francisco that was founded in 1971, offering project management, construction, and preconstruction services. It focuses on areas such as hospitality, residential, commercial, retail, government, infrastructure, health, education, and other important areas.