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The Email List of Texas Interior Designers


The industry market’s growth is projected to grow at 1.9 billion dollars in the next five years, according to IBIS World report. This shows the industry is thriving in Texas. To support this assertion, let’s examine the number of interior designer establishments in the state. According to Foyr’s report, Texas ranks among the top 5 states with the highest number of such businesses. Given that the profession is often considered luxurious, it follows that states that are abundant in wealth host a greater number of these businesses. California leads the list with the highest number of interior design businesses, followed by Florida, New York. We offer over 4,000 email addresses at Interior Designers in Texas

If the market is broken down into the highest share of establishments in counties, Harris County comes first on the list. This is followed by Dallas County and then Tarrant County.

When speaking of the total number of interior designers working in Texas, the state has a significant number of workers. According to IBIS World, the Texas interior designers industry employs around 14,050 designers and our Email List of Interior Designers in Texas holds 4,005 records and many working in this State typically have a Bachelor’s degree in interior design or a related field.

In addition to this, they have accreditation from an accrediting body. Plus, they have a license from an accredited licensing body. Licensing varies in each state, in Texas, the designers get a license by passing the NCIDQ exam. Coming to salaries, Texas interior designers make good money. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for an interior designer in Texas is $62,117 which makes out to be $29.86 per hour. This is equivalent to $1,194 per week or $5,176 per month. Get our Mailing List of Interior Designers in Texas to tap into this lucrative market.

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