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Database of Hair Salons  

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Database of Beauty Salons with Email Addresses

Are you a California-based beautician? Or, do you supply beauty products to other businesses? Are you looking to work for a beauty salon in any professional capacity? If your answer to all or one of the above questions is yes, then having a Beauty Salons Directory can be incredibly helpful for you. Such a list will give you clarity about your ideal prospects you can reach out to via email.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the most popular beauty salons in California. We will also tell you how you can find an authentic database of beauty salons in California with email addresses and reach your goals. Read on!

Example: Records from California

California is home to some world-class beauty salons. Whether you want to provide your beauty products or offer your services, you are guaranteed to find outstanding beauty and hair salons in the state. With this said, let’s have a look at some popular beauty salons for example in California.

1. Lovely Hair & Nails Salon

Lovely Hair & Nails Salon offers complete hair care and nail services in Lawndale, California. The salon specializes in services manicures, pedicures, nail art, paraffin wax treatments, and more!

2. The Hair Nation

The Hair Nation is a top-class hair salon that offers personalized hair treatments to its customers. From hair wash to curling, almost every hair care service is available here.

3. is a leading retailer of hair care, skincare, and other beauty products. The company works with several top-notch brands and offers their products on its website.

4. Philip Edward Salon

Philip Edward Salon is a renowned and luxurious beauty salon that offers world-class services to its clients. They have highly trained stylists and use nothing but the absolute best products for their clients. The salon also offers personalized services on special occasions like weddings. Working with Philip Edward Salon is the dream of many budding beauticians.


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