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How to Send Email Messages to a Purchased List and Qualify for our No Hard Bounce Guarantee

Firstly, please understand that we do not offer Email Delivery Services.

Some email delivery services such as Constant Contact, Send in Blue and Mail Chimp and others will stipulate that you cannot use purchased lists in their systems. 

Here are details of some of the services that will send email to a Purchased List.

ClickBack:   Do you need an effective,  professional system to deliver U.S. CAN-SPAM ACT compliant commercial email messages to a PURCHASED LIST?  If so, consider using Clickback for delivery.

Sending email messages to a purchased list via Clickback for the sole purpose of generating B2B leads from your non-permission-based or purchased lists is no longer a problem. Now you can send U.S. CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns through Email Lead Generation software – worry-free! However, Clickback will no longer send email messages to generic email addresses so for these please consider some of the alternatives. 

Hotsol: Bulk Email Marketing Service for Purchased Lists are a B2B bulk email marketing service that allows purchased lists. Deploy cold email campaigns to B2B non-opt in email lists.

Direct Aim Media: Bulk Cold Email Marketing Services

Self-Hosted Services:  Consider a self-hosted service like Interspire Email Marketer or Sendy.

Aged G-Suite Accounts: An aged G-Suite Gmail account allows established account holders to send up to 2000 emails per day from each G Suite account.

Other Services:  Check out Email Marketing Tips to find other email delivery services or just Google ‘Send email to a purchase list’

The information above is for general information purposes only.  While we endeavor to keep the information on these third parties up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the reliability and suitability of these third-party services.

While we offer a 100% guarantee against hard bounces (See Terms) this guarantee does not apply to Email messages that are sent in larger quantities via your own IP address which is likely to be a violation of your service’s Terms of Business, or via a web based service which is not designed for email marketing.

Your messages must be sent via a professional third-party email delivery service designed for email marketing purposes that accepts purchased lists and that provides files of hard bounces so they can easily be deleted from your database and/or sent to us for a refund.



TIP: Use before using your List for Email Marketing to check that your intended sales messages do not contain words or phrases that will cause them to be marked as spam and hence go undelivered.

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