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Our Restaurants Email List contains the following information:

  • Restaurants:  69,391 * Scroll down to see types of Cuisine served (more than one unique email address contact is often included)

  • Website Addresses:  72,476*

  • Email Addresses:   101,004* (more than one email address at each Restaurant is often provided)

  • Records with a  CASS Verified Postal Address:   Approximately 72% of records

  • Records without a Full Postal Address:  Approximately 28% of records (but all these records include email address details)

  • Telephone #’s:  Approximately 70% of records

    *Unique records

Would you be surprised to hear that 59% of B2B marketers consider email marketing the most effective revenue generation channel? You shouldn’t be if you know how powerful email marketing has always been. If your business supplies goods or services to restaurants, you need to explore the opportunities provided by email marketing too. But it may be hard to come by a good email list of Restaurants

A comprehensive Restaurant mailing list is the first tool you will need in this regard. Targeted email campaigns can give your business a much-needed jumpstart and a complete Restaurants database is the fuel that it needs.

Having all the Restaurant email addresses at your disposal helps you reach a wider client base and expand your network. Not just email addresses, you need a Restaurants database that gives you street addresses, telephone numbers, and more. This way, you have a better scope of reaching your prospects.

Get an accurate email list of Restaurants 

What makes a good Restaurants mailing list for you? Is it accuracy? Or the amount of research that goes in? Or how up-to-date the list is? Well, no matter what you seek in a good email list of Restaurants, we can assure you that we have it all.

Our online directory of Restaurants is created after hours of research on the web. Each email address and contact number is meticulously verified to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information.

We understand how disappointing it is when you pay a considerable amount for a Restaurants’ mailing list and half of your emails bounce back. We can guarantee that with our online Restaurants database, you won’t have any bounced back emails or invalid telephone numbers that don’t connect.

Our email list of Restaurants will give you –

  • Over 100,000 email addresses

  • CASS verified postal addresses

  • Valid telephone numbers of most of the businesses listed

  • Thousands of contacts for just $295

We understand how important a well-researched email list is for a business. That is why we aim to provide you with the most recent and accurate list of Restaurant email addresses for your business. Apart from email addresses, we also provide verified street addresses and telephone numbers of Restaurants wherever available.

We only enter that data in our database, which is verifiable to ensure accuracy and correctness. So, you may not have the postal address or telephone numbers against each business enlisted here. But you’re sure to get at least one valid email address for every business enlisted in our online directory of Restaurants.

Each of these records is verified for validity and the list is constantly amended and updated to ensure its accuracy.

If a 100% guarantee of email delivery is what you’re looking for, look no further.

What makes our email list of Restaurants unique?

The amount of research and diligent verification that goes into creating our online Database of Restaurants is what sets us apart from others.

With our Restaurants mailing list, we can ensure –

  • Guaranteed delivery of your emails

  • Refund for hard bounce backs

  • No invalid addresses or telephone numbers

If you do receive any hard bounces, we will refund them. Go ahead and have a look at our refund guarantee in the Shopping Cart.

This List of Restaurants costs just $295.00!

All email addresses were last checked during November 2021

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Payment can be made via PayPal using most major credit cards or through your PayPal account.

It just takes a few clicks.

Why choose us?

At APC Services Ltd., we spend hundreds of hours on research and diligent data processing to provide you accurate, updated, database of restaurants with the contact information of prospective clients in the Restaurant business.

We make sure that you get what you pay for. At APC Services Ltd., you get access to a complete mailing list of Restaurants in either the USA or UK along with updated email address information at a very reasonable price.

Many growing businesses have seen great results in email marketing using our mailing lists. Make the best of this opportunity and watch your profits boost with a targeted email campaign of your own. Order your email list of Restaurants now to see your business grow and flourish.


Many types of Restaurants are listed:

Due to constant updating these figures are provided on the basis of being plus or minus 10%

RESTAURANT TYPE                                         EMAIL ADDRESSES
African Cuisine 79
American 15784
Asian Cuisine 1018
Bagels 68
Barbecue 2451
Bars 2351
Bars 628
Brazilian Cuisine 100
Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch 213
Buffet 112
Cafe 2273
Cafeterias 328
Caribbean Food 180
Chicken 367
Chinese Cuisine 2194
Continental Restaurant 459
Creole & Cajun 335
Cuban 151
Dessert 207
Family Style 1710
Fast Food 375
Filipino Food 58
Fine Dining 143
Fondue 8
French Cuisine 796
German 188
Greek Cuisine 341
Hawaiian Cuisine 91
Health Food 334
Home Cooking 24
Hotel Restaurant 579
Indian Cuisine 1066
Irish Restaurant 468
Italian Cuisine 5532
Japanese 1884
Korean Food 245
Kosher 41
Latin American 639
Mediterranean Cuisine 851
Mexican 4510
Middle Eastern 424
Mongolian 16
Pasta 18
Peruvian Cuisine 75
Pizza 6923
Pizzas 1094
Restaurant 153
Menus 61
Restaurant N.E.S 37744
Russian 22
Seafood 3615
Soul Food 115
Spanish Cuisine 131
Sports Bars 121
Steak Houses 1465
Sushi Bars 1673
Take Out 828
Taverns 1221
Thai Cuisine 1390
Vegan 72
Vegetarian 367
Vietnamese Cuisine 492
Wine Bars 12




restaurant email list

Restaurant mailing list


Marketing List of Restaurants

Are you on the lookout for an accurate email list of restaurants? Our email list of restaurants is designed for businesses that supply goods and services to restaurants in the UK.

Why choose APC’s restaurant email list?

Our email list of restaurants includes businesses in the USA only. While there are over 70.000 businesses, the list includes over 100,000 unique email addresses. Additionally, there are website addresses and telephone numbers for 83 percent of records. All email addresses match the relevant business’s website domain. You will also gain access to CASS verified postal addresses for 90 percent of records. We use the services of a CASS licensee to cleanse all our postal addresses against the PAF to make sure the addresses are complete, updated, and accurate.

With a background in supplying business lists since the 1980s, we follow a stringent process of email address, website, and postal address verification. Our research team manually visits each website and confirms the business details such as telephone number and email address. For many businesses, we have included more than one email address. All our email addresses are verified periodically to ensure their validity. This ensures our clients receive a reliable and updated email list of restaurants.

We are also able to guarantee that 100% of the email addresses of Restaurants listed in our email lists and directories are correct. In the unlikely event of a hard bounce, we also offer a proportionate refund.

With improved email deliverability and minimal risk of bounces, you are all set to realize an optimum return on your marketing investment.

How does email marketing help you achieve your business goals?

Our email mailing list of restaurants opens the gateway to hundreds of businesses that are looking for products or services that you offer. APC’s email list is a powerful tool that helps you create a winning email marketing campaign and achieve your objectives such as:

  • Traffic generation – If your website has high-value content, you can use emails to drive traffic to your website. For instance, you can promote informative and engaging blogs on the latest kitchen appliances or tableware through this database of restaurants
  • Brand awareness – Not everyone on an email list might be ready to make a purchasing decision. Our Restaurant marketing list can be used to introduce your brand, showcase your services or products, and offer educational content that your prospects are interested in.
  • Nurture leads – Once you create brand awareness, you can move on to identifying the leads who have the highest purchase intent. By segmenting your recipients using our email list of restaurants, you can create conversion-focused content. This motivates the leads to become sales-ready and making a purchase decision.
  • Generate revenue – Use the email list of restaurants to filter out customers who have purchased from you. Design customized email marketing campaigns for these customers to cross-sell and up-sell. You can also offer special discounts or coupons to encourage repeat buying.
  • Combine different channels – While you design email marketing campaigns, you can also combine it with direct mail marketing using the PAF verified postal addresses in our directory.

There are endless ways to leverage APC’s email mailing list of restaurants to boost your business. Get started now!

Starting Up a Business Using an Email Address Database of Restaurants

The good thing about a Directory of restaurants is, you don’t only have the email addresses of restaurants, but you will also find their company names, contact numbers, and websites you can visit.  No question getting a copy of this list is important. With that, you can start making an in-depth study about restaurants based on the accessed information.

So if you are about to build a restaurant business of your own and want to know who your competitors are, using the restaurant’s email marketing list is very helpful.  You can visit your competitors’ websites and start scrutinizing every one of them.  It will be easier for you to compare restaurants that offer the same foods but at different prices. You can access their price lists and some sort of promos. You will have an idea about what line of foods they offer to the local market. All of these and other factors can be available to study.

Using a restaurant database can contribute to the local area by bringing local growth to the economy where restaurants are operating. Part of the local’s economic growth is also giving employment to the people. With the restaurant’s email directory you can start building up sales to restaurant businesses 

You can find an extensive list of Restaurants in the UK 


In our List of Restaurants, you will find more than just email addresses.  The List also includes:

– Mailing addresses verified by CASS

– Website Address

– Telephone numbers.

– Type of Cuisine Offered

In our Database you will discover;

  • 100,000 + email addresses of Restaurants
  • 72% of records that are CASS verified
  • 70% of records with telephone #’s

Key points to consider when deciding to purchase the Restaurant Email List;

  • Expertly research data
  • Carefully verified
  • Continuously amended
  • Guarantee of delivery
  • No hard bounces
  • Up to date  telephone numbers