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Email List of Gift Shops 

Are you looking to send promotional e-mails to gift shop suppliers? So you will have a need for APC’s reliable email directory of gift shops and giftware suppliers in the U.S.

Our comprehensive email list is designed to help you achieve your business objectives whether you are looking to:

  • Generate leads
  • Acquire new customers
  • Engage existing customers
  • Inform or educate customers
  • Offer discounts and deals
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Boost sales
  • Strengthen brand image

Why does the quality of email lists matter?

While email marketing is a powerful tool, sending marketing emails to everyone in your contact list or the ones supplied by poor-quality email lists is a recipe for disaster. Your customers will not click on random emails but prefer to read personalized business communication. Not surprisingly, most marketers believe personalized communication on an ongoing basis with existing customers through emails boosts sales revenue significantly.

Targeted e-mails with personalized subject lines have higher chances of being opened. Our extensively researched email list of gift shops and giftware suppliers allows you to create segmented and personalized email marketing campaigns. This makes it easy for you to send important information, deals, and promotions on your gift supplies to interested customers who are most likely to buy your products.

Our high-quality email directory also eliminates the risks of soft and hard bounces, optimizing your return on investment and campaign success.

We maintain the quality of our email directory with extensive research and constant validation of contact information. On an ongoing basis, we send verification e-mails to all the contacts in our list and delete the ones that are no longer valid. You can find the last updated date next to the specific email directory on our home page.

How to send targeted e-mails to gift shops with APC’s email directory?

Here are the easy and quick steps to sending to targeted emails list of  gift shops and giftware suppliers:

  • Visit to find a meticulously researched and curated email list of gift shops and giftware suppliers
  • View hundreds of sample records to see what information is provided in the directory
  • Find the date when the list was last updated next to the email list on our home page.
  • Add the email list to your shopping cart and complete the online payment through PayPal.
  • Download the email list and open it in Excel to access thousands of gift shops and giftware suppliers in the U.S.
  • Segment your list by state, name, or nature of business
  • Send personalized emails to your segmented contact list.

What is included in our email directory of Gift Stores?

Along with 10,000+ unique email addresses, you can access:

  • contact information of 6000+ gift suppliers
  • 6000+ website domain names
  • CASS Certified postal addresses of 66 percent of records
  • telephone numbers of 89 percent of records.

As a bonus, you will also get 10,000 additional gift shop contact information for which we do not have email addresses. You can use the verified postal addresses in this list to send direct mail promotional materials to expand your reach.

Get started on growing your business with our top-rated email database of gift shops and giftware suppliers.

List of Gift Shops

From department stores the USA has a great lineup of gift shops.

As a supplier of products to gift shops, you may be looking to reach out to specific gift shops that cater to either sustainable products, seasonal gifts, festive gifts, or personalised gifts. While direct mail and social media advertisements are some ways to spread brand awareness, studies show email marketing to be an affordable and highly effective marketing method.

Trends in the gifting industry

According to a study, people spend more than $2000 per year on gifts in the USA. The key segments in the gift market souvenirs, greeting cards, seasonal decorations, novelty items, and giftware. Personalised gifts that include photos and other gifts as well as festival gifting dominate the market. With consumers willing to spend more on personalised gift products. brands are going out of their way to create novel ways of personalising the gifting experience. These include ‘create your own’ gift boxes, packages, and engravings among others.

Consumers are also increasingly gifting as per the weather. Accordingly, brands and gift shops tap into the seasonal gifting trends offer tailored products. For instance, cold winter weather is the perfect opportunity to gift hot beverages, warm clothing, or specialty teas that are formulated for each season.

Another key trend in the industry is the preference for ethical and sustainable products. With growing awareness of the harmful effects of plastic and wastage generated by packaging, the focus is on developing ethically sourced and sustainable gifting products.

Many businesses acquire new customers, boost brand awareness and grow sales by sending relevant, personalised marketing emails to the right customers. This helps optimize the return on investment (ROI) of email marketing. In fact, when you have an accurate email list of gift shops, you can realize an ROI of $50 for every $ spent on email marketing.

APC’s updated email list of gift shops

At APC, we are committed to offering an accurate email mailing list of gift shops to businesses that supply gifts, raw materials, packaging materials or other gift-related supplies. Our email list of gift shops has been compiled on the basis of thorough research and a process of validation. We use search engine techniques to go through public records and websites of gift shops and then verify each website and email address by visiting the website. After sending a test mail to confirm that the email addresses gift shops are valid, we compile the email list of gift shops. Periodically, we send a verification email to all the emails in our directory, delete the ones that bounce and update the list.

You can find the latest date when the email directory of gift shops was updated before you purchase. The marketing list is available in CSV format that can be opened in Excel. You can filter the e-mail mailing list based on names of gift shops, domain names or locations to segment your emails.

With an updated email database of gift shops, you can design a highly effective marketing campaign that helps drive sales and engage customers.


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