USA List of Electricians

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list of Electricians

Electricians & Electricial Contractors Email List, Mailing List, Database and Address Directory

This List is your information gateway to over 28,000 Email Addresses at over 14,000 Electricians and Electrical Contractors in the USA.

Do you supply to or network with Electricians and Electrical Contractors in the USA? Are you looking to expand your client base, reach more customers and boost your profits?

If so, then you have reached exactly the right place!

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So if you’d like to expand your client base, promote your goods or services and increase your profits, then take a look at what is included in the List:-

  Electricians/Electrical Contracting Firms:  14,172*  ( more than one email address contact at each Business is often provided )

Email Address Contacts:  28,762*

Website Domain Names:  14,051*

CASS Verified Full Postal Addresses:  73% of Records

Incomplete Postal Address: 27% of records but all such records include Email Addresses

Telephone #: 98% of records

*Unique records

All email addresses in this List were checked and updated in April 2022

View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what type of information is supplied:-

Electricians email addresses
Electricians email addresses
email list of Electricians


The Best Email Delivery Guarantee 

We offer a 100% Guarantee of No Hard Bounces. You’ll receive a refund for any portion of the records that Hard Bounce. See full details of our Guarantee in the Shopping Cart.

Electricians marketing list
Electricians marketing list

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Numbers of email address records in each State. Due to constant updating, these figures may vary by up to plus or minus 5%

AK 140
AL 465
AR 254
AZ 909
CA 7255
CO 1422
CT 787
DC 543
DE 106
FL 2511
GA 1127
HI 170
IA 308
ID 285
IL 1849
IN 560
KS 381
KY 391
LA 557
MA 1821
MD 931
ME 277
MI 931
MN 877
MO 900
MS 243
MT 213
n/a 330
NC 1254
ND 77
NE 235
NH 247
NJ 1275
NM 259
NS 8
NV 308
NY 4259
OH 1354
OK 322
OR 725
PA 1671
PR 11
RI 190
SC 579
SD 99
SK 6
TN 734
TX 3149
UT 440
VA 1157
VT 222
WA 1539
WI 614
WV 73
WY 73




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So lets’s summarize the main points again

Electricians Email List, Directory and Database

If you are searching for a comprehensive email list of electricians and electrical contractors in the U.S., you are in the right place.

We offer an impressive email directory of electricians and electrical contractors that gives you access to over 29,000 email addresses at electricians/electrical contracting firms.

That’s not all! When you buy our email list of electricians and electrical contractors, you will also receive:

  • CASS Verified Full Postal Addresses for 73 percent of the records
  • Telephone numbers for 98 percent of records
  • Website domain names

Why choose APC’s email list of electricians and electrical contractors?

Whether you are a distributor, retailer, manufacturer, or service provider for electricians and electrical contracting firms, you will need a winning marketing strategy to attract new customers, engage existing ones and boost sales. Email marketing has emerged as the most cost-effective way to achieve these business objectives. In fact, statistics show that email marketing gives businesses the best ROI (return on investment)

Most marketers and businesses rely on email marketing to boost customer engagement and sales. What’s more – customers prefer to receive informative and promotional materials through business emails.

To ensure your emails reach the right customers, your email list of electricians and electrical contractors has to be of the highest quality. Poor quality email lists will mean high bounce rates and spam, which result in a waste of time, effort, and money. 

At APC, we use multiple databases, search engine techniques, conventional mailing lists, and business websites to compile a high-quality email list of electricians and electrical contractors. Our off-shore research team meticulously searches manually on the web to verify each listed business. They visit each website to confirm the business activities, email address, and contact information. Every few months, we send verification emails to all those listed in our directory of electricians to ensure the list is updated on an ongoing basis.

Our email lists also include CASS verified postal addresses in the U.S.

With our accurate email list of electricians and electrical contractors, you can confidently go ahead and design your smart email marketing strategy to win new customers and boost sales.

The latest information at your fingertips

We do all the hard work so that you do not experience the hassles of hard bounces when you send marketing emails. Before you purchase our email list of electricians and electrical contractors, you can check when the list was last updated. We include this information in red type on our home page or introduction page to each email list.

Want to know what type of information we provide in our email list of electricians and electrical contractors? You can view hundreds of sample records to get an overview of our email directories.

Build your marketing campaigns

There’s so much more you can do with our updated and accurate email directory. While you can design emails to promote your product, offer discounts or educate your customers, you can combine this with direct mail campaigns. With CASS verified postal addresses, your direct mail materials are sure to bring you the results you are looking for.

Download our email database of electricians and electrical contractors today in a few easy steps.

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