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Welcome to the Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors…Your Information Gateway To 30,070 Online Contacts at 14,649 Businesses in the USA.


So if you’d like to promote your goods or services and increase your sales then take at look at what information is included:-

Total Number of Records: 30,070   – all records include a unique email address contact.

Electricians/Electrical Contracting Firms:  14,649*  ( more than one email address contact at each Business is often provided )

Website Domain Names:  14,567*

Email Address Contacts:  30,070*

CASS Verified Full Postal Addresses:  73% of Records

Incomplete Postal Address: 27% of records but all such records include Email Addresses

Telephone #: 98% of records

*Unique records

The Directory was last updated during April 2021.

View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what type of information is supplied:-

Full email addresses are made available to buyers but are not shown in this publicly viewable Video. All Information Fields from the List are shown in the Video. No other categories of information such as fax numbers or contact names are supplied. Not all records in the List include postal addresses or telephone #’s – see above the Video for counts. While all our Lists are regularly updated this Video is only updated periodically and may contain some out of date information.


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(Due to constant updating these figures are supplied on the basis of being + or – 5%)









Text Version:  Are you seeking an Email List of Electricians, a Database of Electricians and Electrical Contractors, a Mailing List of Electricians containing their email addresses? If so, please visit the above links. If you are a supplier of goods and/or services to electricians and electrical contractors and have been searching for ways to expand sales ?  If so, The E-mail Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors  may well provide what you are looking for. The Directory is an email and address list that provides an extensive database of potential clients in the electrical industry. It is meant specifically for suppliers of goods and services to electricians and electrical contractors. It aims to help you to grow your  business via e-mail mailing and direct mailings. The Directory  includes  1,000’s of unique e-mail mail addresses in North America.   What sets our Business Email Lists apart from its competitors is that it always provides only the most accurate and most updated information . Getting an e-mail list may be easy, but acquiring high-quality leads is often difficult. Only the Email Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors can provide you with the following benefits:








            • Essential Contact Details – Whether you want to focus on emailing your potential clients or you want to call them by phone or send them traditional marketing letters, pertinent information is provided. Website names are listed  along with 1,000’s of telephone numbers. Even postal addresses can be obtained through the Directory. 




We will also publish a UK Directory of Electricians, please click here for fuller information.  All the email addresses and other contact details are regularly and thoroughly updated to ensure no e-mail bounces. We also provide a USA database at

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USA List Electricians and Electrical Contractors


      Email mailing address list of  Electricians and Electrical Contractors

Unsafe electrical installation is associated with many risks. Therefore, licensed or competent email mailing address lists of electricians and electrical contractors should be the only ones entrusted with carrying out any electrical work. Some installations may appear to operate but still be unsafe, which poses a very dangerous hazard. For instance, an electrical installation might work for many years without the safety system, until a serious fault that needs the protection system to avert a risky situation arises.

However, an elaborate licensing scheme is set in place in every country or state to ensure that only competent workers handle an electrical installing task. The system licenses those that meet competency standards only. Besides, a disciplinary process is set to make sure that those that remain licensed are the competent ones. These competency standards touch on work practices, installation, and equipment. Any worker that breaches the regulations the following:

      • Prosecution in the courts
      • Losing the license
      • Attachment of conditions to their license

According to the regulations, a licensed electrical contractor is allowed to carry out electrical installing work and must employ licensed electricians in turn. On the other hand, electricians who hold a license are allowed to handle both electrical installing and fitting task if the license is unrestricted.

Each electrical contractor that holds a license is required to display the license number visibly on all advertising. The advertising includes work vehicles, business cards as well as any other advertisements.

What Are the Differences Between  Electricians and Electrical Contractor?

Email mailing address list of  Electricians and electrical contractors are slightly different in matters of work practice. An electrician is also referred to as an individual qualified tradesperson or an electrical worker. On the other hand, an electrical contractor is a well-trained business or individual that has the required insurances and license that allows him to employ an electrical worker. In most cases, electricians are often allowed to handle any public work for only when working under an electrical contractor.

Both electricians and electrical contractors hold licenses, but only electrical contractors have the insurances needed to operate a business safely and properly. The insurances are set to protect homeowners or business owners and the employees from business liabilities. Moreover, the requirements of these insurances differ from place to place.

Conclusion  regarding email mailing address list ;

Competent or licensed electricians and electrical contractors perform electrical installation tasks in every state and country. Therefore, it is against the law for any business or person that is not licensed or registered to continue with any electrical contracting work in any state or territory. The rules protect the community and give electrical workers recourse when something goes wrong. So consider a email mailing address list.









How to Pick the Best Email List of Electricians and Electrical Contractors.

Electricians and electrical contractors email address lists are a vital part of property maintenance.

You could be hiring one to renovate space you own. Or, you could be fixing an electrical fault…

Regardless, you’ll need the help of high quality electricians and electrical contractors.

Below, we’ll provide you information on picking the best email list. Use the info to help you weed out the competent from the useless!

On Picking the Best…

Let’s start with certification and licensing.  Selecting an email list of electricians is a serious job, and you need to be certified to do it.

Certification depends on the state laws you’re in. Be sure to search up those laws. Then check the certifications that your candidate has.

Email address lists of electricians and electrical contractors will do a poor job in your domain. And even worse, that poor job may lead to safety risks…

They include improper insulation, or bad circuit setups that destroy your equipment.

And speaking of safety, make sure that the contractor is “safety first.” When inspecting electrical failures or renovations, ensure they don’t ignore your wellbeing.

The 2nd check you can do is to look at the email list reputation for marketing to electricians and electrical contractors . Make sure that they are praised well by people who hire them.

In fact, you can interview your buyers of the Email Directory of electricians and electrical contractors, asking them about previous jobs they did in the area. You can then do a quality check, asking their clients about their experience.

If you get positive commentary, then you know to hire them. If not, look for a better candidate.

A 3rd check you can do is honest communication. Your contractor should be clear in describing the problems you’re having, its dimensions, and its costs to you.

They should not provide vague statements about how to advance the job and why. This helps a lot with negotiating the cost of a electricians and electrical contractors email list.

So Where Do I Find the Email List of Contractors I Need?

If you can’t find recommendations through friends and family, then try online.

Start by searching “electrical contractors and electricians email list” in your area, with X being your city or region.

Look for a website to read up more about the candidates you find. Through their website, they should list their licensing and certification.

Also, check for reviews and experience. And follow the previous tips to check for quality!


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