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We only supply our Lists to businesses and organizations so for the delivery of a Download Link to your purchase please provide an email address in the APC Lists Shopping Cart that is connected to an established organization / business website domain* (eg:

Without further verification we cannot send Download Links to the following other types of email addresses including:-

~Free type email addresses (example; Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc )

~Email Addresses provided by telecom or web services (example; Comcast, icloud etc)

~Email Addresses connected to a new  , ‘under construction’ or ‘coming soon’ website.

*If you do not currently have an email address on your organization/business website domain then it should be very straight forward for most businesses to create one.

If you are are unable to comply with the above requirements then please contact us at for a possible work around BEFORE making a purchase and for verification purposes please provide us with your business website address.

So why the fuss?

While many crime rates are actually falling in the Western world, the theft of credit card details has reached epidemic proportions. Millions of card holder details are comprised or stolen each year.

This presents merchants such as ourselves with an increasingly challenging situation especially when requested to deliver intangible digital products to free or untraceable email addresses . This why we ask customers to comply with the above requirements.

We very much regret any inconvenience this may cause to legitimate customers but in the past virtually every fraudulent order we received emanated from buyers using the types of email addresses that we now can no longer freely accept without further verification.