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Do you supply services or network with Christian Churches in the USA? Do you want to expand your network and reach more contacts? If so, our List of Christian Churches includes Church Name, Denomination, Website and Email Addresses as well Postal Addresses and Telephone Numbers.


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Directory and Database of Churches 

Email marketing is a proven way to get new customers whether your business supplies altar cloth, candles, clergy shirts, banners, chalices, or other Christian Church products. According to the latest statistics email is the primary channel for 89 percent of marketers for generating leads.

  • 93 percent of marketers distribute informative, promotional, and educative content through emails
  • 50.7 percent of customers make a buying decision based on a marketing email.

Above all, 72 percent of customers prefer to receive business communication through emails.

When you are looking to leverage the power of email marketing to grow your Church supply business, you can rely on APC’s accurate List of Christian Church Organizations in the U.S.

Why choose APC’s, Churches Marketing List?

Whether your business is a start-up or an established one, the key to building brand loyalty and acquiring new customers lies in strengthening your brand image and reputation.

Sending marketing messages on church supplies to unrelated businesses or individuals damages your brand reputation significantly. Sender reputation depends on how often your email is flagged as spam and what percentage of your emails bounce because of invalid addresses.

On the other hand, sending marketing messages to Christian Church Organizations that are interested in your products will boost customer engagement and boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

At APC, we meticulously research business websites, public databases, and government sites to shortlist a validated email list of Christian Church Organizations who are your target customers. This ensures your mail has zero bounce rate and is not flagged as spam, protecting your brand reputation.

With access to APC’s 170,000 verified email addresses, it is a breeze to plan and implement marketing campaigns that give you excellent results. Apart from accurate addresses, you also get crucial information such as denomination, website address, street address, and telephone numbers.

And all this, at a very low cost, which means you get maximum return on your marketing investment.

How do we validate email addresses?

We have a streamlined process of address validation that begins with thorough research. Once we find addresses, we send a test email to verify their legitimacy before adding them to the list of Christian Church Organizations. We also send periodic emails to these addresses to monitor their validity on an ongoing basis. An email that bounces back or is undeliverable is immediately removed and the list is updated.

Validating the emailing list of Christian Church Organizations before executing your marketing campaigns offers rich benefits.

  • It boosts your email delivery rates by removing invalid email addresses from the list.
  • It empowers you to build a brand image by maintaining the sender’s reputation.
  • You will save time, effort, and money by avoiding sending marketing emails to invalid recipients
  • More relevant emails translate to more email open rates resulting in a higher conversion rate. This means increased sales of your church supply products.

Your best email database of Christian Church Organizations

We have made it easy for you to get your Directory of Christian Church Organizations. Simply add the l list in CSV format to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. You will be able to save and open it as an excel sheet for quick sorting and referencing.

So what is included in the Church Email List?
  • 170,000 + e-mail address contacts.
  • 98% of records with street addresses.
  • 97% with the Church website site address.
  • 96% of records with the telephone of the Christian Organizations

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